Dr. Michael King

Naturopath, Herbalist & Hypnotist
  • Address :
    423 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine, Victoria 3020


There is a growing uptake of “alternative” therapies by the general public as they make choices relating to their sickness and their health. Dr King comes from a background of orthodox science, and is a member of our Specialist Centre (practising as a Clinical Psychologist). He is now qualified in Western Herbal practice, and with a focus on approaches that have a clear (conventional medical science) basis of validity.

He will be offering herbal and nutritional clinical services in our Medical Centre. Where a client is inclined to seek “alternative” assistance and advice, preferably while remaining under the primary care of their treating GP, Dr King will be providing this service.

Psycho-relevant herbal and nutritional approaches. Speaking as a Clinical Psychologist with a major interest in mood disorders and age-related diminution of cognitive function is that phyto-psycho-active herbal materials (that is herbal materials which may have beneficial effect either on cognitive function, or on mood disorders).

Special Interests

  • Sleep problems & migraines
  • Men's erectile difficulties
  • Broken bones (additional to conventional management)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Help with drug dependence
  • Tinnitus
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